New Yorkers Celebrate 'Groundbreaking' Gay Marriage Passage

'This couldn't have come at a better time,' says Gay Pride Week participant outside the Stonewall Inn.
By Vaughn Trudeau Schoonmaker

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

NEW YORK — With the historic passing of the same marriage equality bill in New York State on Friday night, the streets of the city have since been flooded with excited members of the LGBT community and other supporters on what just happens to be Gay Pride Week.

Crowds of people have continued to drop by the Stonewall Inn, the famous site that has come to be known as the birthplace of the world's gay rights movement following the infamous "Stonewall riots" that followed a police raid on the bar in 1969.

Erin Healy of Albany, New York, recalled the groundbreaking moment. "I was with my friends last night and everyone was like, 'The bill's going to get passed!' So we were like, 'Turn on the news!' and then all of a sudden it was like, '29 to 33, it's passed!' "

"I just think this is such a groundbreaking moment in gay history," expressed 21-year-old Brianna McDonald. "This vote was so important to the young crowd because it actually gives us something to look forward to, to get married if we want to."

"We are in the gayest part of town!" laughed Tony Benninelli of Queens, who was out with his friends in the West Village celebrating Gay Pride. "This couldn't have come at a better time."

Jesse Kissel was especially keen on noting the part that both the Stonewall Inn and New York City played when it came to this epic moment. "This is where it all started," he smiled. "This was where the revolution began, where people started realizing that we need rights and privileges."

The passing of the act gave Miami resident Jorge Orobitg a new hope for his own state. "New York is a big state," he said, "so that means we're heading in the right direction."

(Read how California residents reacted to the news.)

"Hopefully, this will sprout a nationwide thing," Erin Healy said. "It's just something ridiculous to me that it's taken even this long to happen."

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