Lance Bass Launches Boy Band Reality Contest for VH1

In an interview with Vulture, former NSYNC member Lance Bass revealed that he has sold six reality shows to VH1 and one of them is a “Boy Band Reality Competition Show” with concept similar to X Factor and The Voice.

"It's a really great music show, starring all your favorite boy bands. It's going to be really fun," Bass says.

The coaches-cum-judges will be some former members of hit boy band groups. They will all form a boy band, and they’ll go head-to-head to see who the best boy band is.

"I got a member from Backstreet Boys, A.J. McLean. A member from *NSYNC, Joey Fatone. A member from New Kids on the Block, Joe McIntyre. And a member from New Edition, Bobby Brown. They're all going to form a boy band, each, from the most talented guys in America that I've scouted, and then they'll go head-to-head in a competition to see who the best band is, so it's bragging rights for the guy in the group, for sure." he disclosed.
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