Britney Spears' Tour 'A Real Buzz' For Openers Nervo

'The nerves are gone now, and I just want to own it more,' Nervo's Liv tells MTV News.
By Jocelyn Vena

Britney Spears
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The Femme Fatale Tour kicked off Thursday night to rave reviews, with critics giving Britney Spears props for her over-the-top stage show. The show is all about the ladies, thanks to opening slots from Nervo, Jessie and the Boy Toys, as well as Nicki Minaj, with Spears acting as the show's head mistress.

MTV News caught up with Liv from the DJ act Nervo on Friday (June 17), nearly 24 hours after their first warm-up gig for Ms. Spears.

"I've got to say, it was a real buzz for us to open the show; that's the selfish highlight," she told MTV News. "We were honored to be there. I thought the crowd got our house music."

Liv had the pleasure of finally seeing Spears in concert for the first time and couldn't help but rave about her. "I thought she was brilliant. It was my first time seeing Nicki, as well, and she was brilliant," she said. "I love 'Slave 4 U.' I was really happy she was playing her oldies."

When fans first heard that Spears and Minaj would be touring together, no one knew how the two would mesh. But, as it turns out, Liv said they work just perfectly. "They're both very strong women. Britney was the same old Britney we love," she said. "They complemented each other."

In fact, there's a real sense of camaraderie on the road. "The nerves are gone now, and I just want to own it more," she said. "It really does [feel like girl power]. It's very exciting. We're all girls. This business is crazy, and it's fun we can all be in it together.

"It really is a machine. We've done RV tours before with club DJs, and this is so far and beyond from the RV tours," she said. "The catering is insane; three-course meals, three times a day. I've never seen what it takes to be a part of one of these pop shows, and it takes so much work. It's full on. It's great. It's amazing that she can take it all in stride all these years later."

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